Designed and recommended For Heavy Duty pressure washers

3000-4500psi -3.2-6.0gpm – 3 interchangeable nozzles
adjustable wheel heights – cleans 12-14” consistent path


Saves time: 2 or 3 spray nozzles speed the process to 4 to 5 times faster than a pressure washer alone.  Because it rinses while cleaning, typical post-job clean up time is eliminated. Dirt, grime, mold, mildew, moss and discoloration from vegetation are eliminated quickly and easily.


Consistent cleaning pattern: Preset heights on the wheel adjuster assure consistent cleaning power and pattern thereby virtually eliminating “streaking” so prevalent with a handheld wand.  The slight overlap in spray patterns at all settings allows cleaning in a clear, clean pattern reducing overlapping and wasted motion.


Less body strain & fatigue: The ability to stand upright and use one hand virtually eliminates strain on arms, legs, and back allowing less fatigue and a faster cleaning cycle. It doesn’t require strength, just the motion of utilizing a household vacuum cleaner!


Operator stays dry: The simple, effective water shield plus the angle of the spray heads allow even the user’s feet to remain dry during the process!


Clear view of cleaning area: 
Many competitive units leave huge amounts of dirty water covering the cleaned area. This excess must be rinsed away to review the job. This unit rinses as it cleans for quick assessment as the job is underway.


Saves Water: Cleaning 4 to 5 times faster means using less water. Even utilizing all 3 spray nozzles, you'll still save water. Less water equals less electricity, less waste, and less money spent.


Flexibility: By changing the number of spray heads, the height of the unit, and the angle of spray, you can enjoy a number of cleaning combinations to suit a variety of surfaces. Cleaning fluid can be used with a quick spray nozzle change.

The Trikleener is the perfect cleaning option for any of the following surfaces. 

• Concrete

• Brick / Slate

• Garage / Warehouse Floors

• Wooden Decks

• Docks / Piers 

• Truck Beds

• Metal Roofs

Simple to Store and Simple to Use: Storage is also easy, as the unit is light, compact, and durable.  At approximately 12 lbs, it is sturdy enough to last for years yet easy to operate with one hand.

Long Life: This is a heavy duty cleaner. Constructed of steel, or stainless steel and brass, this is a real commercial-grade tool that will last for years even with extremely heavy use.

Best Value on the Market: When compared to other units, this one-of-a-kind tool represents the best value for money spent, by far. Not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. Simply the best value for the investment.